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Welcome to my website, the name of my company is AAphotography and I’m a specialist in wedding photography based on Punjabi culture, rituals from simple ceremonies to the more inordinate ones. I have experience of whole Indian weddings.

A wedding is a special day in the life of every couple because on this day they promise to love, honour and adore each other throughout the whole life together in every phase of life.

My documentary style of capturing Asian and Indian weddings keep those memories fresh from fading.
From the first second of the day to the final sweet goodbye, my aim is to grasp those precious moments which can never be recreated.

My photojournalistic style of photography will let you travel back in time to relive and rejuvenate every moment of your wedding day.

With the experience of my journey of photography, I’ve developed my style to capture a strong connection through the lens. My portraits have a soft and a lifetime natural feel which I strongly believe, reflect the essence of deep love in the life of a couple and presents the true charm of their graceful relationship.

Please feel free to scrutinize my journey of capturing Indian Weddings.

If you’d like me to make your wedding day special and rememberable I’d love to hear about it!